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Dennis West, Actor: The MEN. Dennis West was born on November 18, in Colorado, USA. He is an Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody Han Solo. ().
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The Sluts refuses fixed subjectivity, suggesting that identity shifts, is exportable, assumable; it exceeds its boundaries. In the last section, "Site 2," the Brad and Brian saga cranks back up for a second round, while the mystery of Stevie Sexed's murder remains unsolved. Eventually we find out that the new "Brad" is actually a hustler named Thad impersonating Brad; and that the new "Brian" is actually a former hustler named Zack Young impersonating Brian. We also learn that each has been scamming the other, in addition to scamming the community of "Brad" fans they've been exploiting.

Zack emerges as the mastermind behind at least the second half of the book, in which Brad's mythology is exploited to the point where Zack is selling off "Brad"'s body parts for abuse and torture ahead of his death.

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Whether this actually happens or not is unclear. Testimonies exist, but they are only words. On the message board, someone by the handle of "earljackson" asserts, "By the way, I am a real person" That's a laugh. At the same time that it denies a clearcut "reality," however, The Sluts seems to suggest that there may actually be one. After all, Thad is not Brad, no matter how good a scam he pulls. His ploys may work for a while, but eventually the truth "truth" outs him. Especially when Elaine, Brad's much older girlfriend who is known to take an interest in the hustlers in her neighborhood, shows up, it's hard not to make comparisons between the novel's storyline and LeRoy's fictional backstory of being taken in off the streets by a kind older woman.

I'm not making any claims here. Cooper, who was an early supporter of LeRoy's has come out fairly critically against the scam, as someone who participated in it unknowingly see his October 28, post "A JT Leroy Riff,". In any case, the connections are provocative. At one point, the "real" Brian returns to the site to make certain confessions, and observes that "now Brad is just a name.

You don't even know who it belongs to anymore. The point is, this is your story and your ending, not Brad's and mine" The narrative has been officially given over to the community, though of course it's been the community's all along. When Zack confesses to his deceptions in his final contribution to the saga, he explains:.

Whoever the boy was, Brad or Thad or someone else, he wasn't attractive or interesting or good enough in the sack to have lived up to the hype even if he had let himself be killed That's why I ended up thinking it was better if there wasn't a Brad at all I thought I could make up a better ending than whatever would have happened anyway. But too many questions were raised by too many people It just became impossible to satisfy everyone and create the perfect death at the same time.

Brad may have become "just a name," but his identity is ultimately not fully assumable.

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Even in the seemingly anarchic space of the Internet, reality intrudes. About LA, where the George Miles novels are set, Cooper has said, "you can dump people anywhere here. It's full of all these weird, fantastic negative spaces" qtd. In comparison, Cooper's use of the Internet, a weird, virtual, uncontainable and fundamentally unknowable space, is appropriate. While the novel is housed on print, not on the Web, it might be considered a form of digital literature. Its forms are borrowed from technology: Cooper plunders Internet discussion boards as well as email, fax, and telephone transcripts.

Societal Narcissism: Male Prostitution, A Cry For Help

All of these forms are dependent on technologies; and all of these technological forms are language-based. Though largely taking place on the Internet with the "real" events located along the West Coast , the geography of The Sluts is language. It is a remarkably disembodied book, especially in comparison with the mutating bodies of the George Miles novels. However, the space of The Sluts is neither totally blank, nor totally anarchic.

In the Webmaster, we have a figure who exercises a modicum of control, grounding the narrative by choosing which reviews and responses to publish, and occasionally inviting this or that character to offer a new perspective or defense. The Webmaster serves as an organizing force and a control to what might otherwise become a breeding ground for contradictory assertions.

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When the Webmaster drops out in the "Board" section, those drawn into the saga are free to discuss it on their own, outside the constraints of the review-based site and the control of a surveilling webmaster - though of course behind it all is the silent god-author orchestrating it all. This section is the most self-reflexive of the novel, and the one which most openly comments on Cooper's work and its reception; in it, we get a bevy of contrasting opinions about community members' desires to either kill or save Brad.

Perspectives range from recantings like "this whole thing is just sick porn and we've all been implicated" to defenses like "our fantasy lives are not a police state" , and members express varying degrees of concern over their own morality: That's a serious question" When Elaine pops in to say, "Hi, everyone. I'm Brad's girlfriend Elaine. I think some of you are mentally ill" , it becomes clear that Cooper is using this polyvocality as a vehicle to air and mock some of the grievances he's received in response to his other novels - accusations that he is sick, amoral, mentally ill, etc.

The self-reflexivity through polyphony is tongue in cheek, and teems with ironic jabs aimed at anyone taking the story too seriously. In the final pages of the novel, in his final confession, Zack Young ostensibly resolves any lingering questions about the events that have transpired in this saga. So I'll pass. He could use a tan. Pale is ok, but he is pasty. Not hot in general, just average. He's sexy in a "Deliverance" kind of way.

I'd fuck him. Not a good porn star at all.

There are MUCH hotter gay porn stars. But he's aight I guess. More pics: He's got a couple of different 'looks' Really don't see what's so special.

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OP, the guy he's with in the scene that pic is from is WAY hotter The other guy, Dennis West: A more recent pic of Dennis: Bringing us back on topic, the two of them together: Needs a hand tattoo. Questionable anal hygiene. Needs a bag over his head. There, R Fixed that for you. He has a Tom Faulk vibe about him and that's not a good thing. He looks like he can be from Florida sans the tan. The only sensible quote on this thread, other than mine. He looks like he enjoys what he's doing most of the time, which is more important for me.


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